Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cat-Power (not the singer)

John Galliano for Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix played with Cavalli's prints for their couture collection, only one piece each though. I love Dior's leopard prints and how it looks on the Dior volume dress. Even down to the shoes reference claws and her bright eyebrows highlights fierceness. Dior's Savannah cat is not one to be messed with, just worn. Hah!

Lacroix's cat is product of a zoo whose kept their animals together one day since the cages were being clean. The cheetah prints, the zebra shoes. It's less elegant than Dior but more playful. I don't know which one to prefer but if I had to choose I think I would go with Lacroix since it just seems younger for me. When I'm 25 and decide to have a sex change for something and can afford a couture gown, I'll opt for the Dior.

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