Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jil Sander Long Tulle Overlay Top

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This entry is about the piece of tulle floating around the body, not the shirt or pants.

When I first saw this collection, I was enamored with it. I love the simplicity of the fold and fabric. The collection was so post-modern ethereal. It was like an injection of architecture's international style, but with colors.

It never occured to me how I'm supposed to wear it. Ok. I could wear it. It never occured to me how I'm supposed to wear it in public, in Philadelphia at least. Philadelphia is still conservative style wise. The store that I found to be selling this stuff is not and will not be Barneys, Neiman Marcus, or Bergdorf, it was Luisa Via Roma, an Italian store. I could see this being a shot covered by the Satorialist for Milan because it's tres chic. But in the US? Not so much. The only place that you wouldn't get a weird look? Possibly New york, which is where I plan to move to after I graduate.

Another place you could wear it? Third world country notorious for mosquitos. It's perfect as a body mosquito net! Maybe Raf Simons is trying to attract and encourage third world country to take care of their body more, but in style! The only reason I'm hesistant in saying that was his goal was because of two reasons. Most people in the third world country exposed to such pest, by pest I mean tourists, would be intimidated if third world country started dressing better than them! He cares about third world country and he doesn't want the natives to scare people away. A secondary reason would be the price. Most third world country can't really afford a 470euro mosquito net with bidye. You know? I mean if I was in the third world, I would starve myself for half the year just so I could buy the dye and then find a fish net and attempt to make myself this exact replica. But that's just me. SO those two reasons are why I don't think Raf Simons were trying to appeal to the third world, however, I would prefer it was more affordable because I don't mind seeing pictures of people wearing these in National Geographic. Perhaps someone should start a program of aid in purchasing these Jil Sander Long Tulle for third world countries.

But anyway, If I was in New York or abroad in Europe with the finance I need, I would make this purchase in a heartbeat. By the way, the shirt on the inside and the orange pant stockings are not part of the deal. It's just the overlay top.

Buy: Jil Sander Long Tulle Overlay Top (470euro)

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