Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2008

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At Christian Dior, the girls never weigh less than 100 lbs each.

John Galliano put out another couture show to accentuate his mastery in volume and detail. This dramatic muted pastel colors referenced the east, and the work seemed like a surpressed holding of his Maddamn Butterfly couture for Spring 2007 synthesized with his Couture Fall 2007 show. This time, it moved a little bit more north with a reference of Vienna's Klimt shapes and color.

What first came to mind for me, however, was exotic flowers. Especially this one:

It made sense to me because his Spring collection was quiet, and this seemed to be the unflowering, or deflowing of the Spring collection. To me, it's as though he was telling the Dior fan that his craftmanship has not gone dormant and he has not grown content like it seemed with his Spring 2008 collection.

Though this collection was true to his nature, it seemed like a transitional collection because it didn't inject something new and grandiose like his normal couture collection. Galliano prefers his workers to call him Master, and it is clear through his construction, his collections, and the fluidity of the whole house season to season that he is worthy of that name.

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Tabitha said...

wow they look like presents! i think i like it
"unwrap me for a pleasant surprise" hot.