Friday, January 4, 2008

Dior Homme SS 2008 Ad Campaign

When Hedi Slimane left Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche had a lot to live up to. So for his first season, though he did design jeans and other attire, he decided to showcase Dior Homme in an ultra-lux, conservative apparel. He said that the black and white represented a canvas and that he wanted to start the Dior Homme anew. He wanted the home to be representative of himself, and did not want people to compare him to Hedi.

Karl Lagerfeld was the photographer for this ad campaign, which is obvious because he tend to place with the space and position the subjects on the side with a lot of dead space, said that the models looks like professional killers. This is interesting in two ways. Karl Lagerfeld was a huge admirer of Dior Homme and said that the reason he got skinny was so that he could fit into a suit made by Hedi. Now that Hedi is gone, Kris Van Assche is working with Karl so it seems amicable. I would expect it so anyway because Kris Van Assche studied under Hedi. Either way this collaboration was a little interesting, showing that Karl is beyond tieing himself down with favorites.

Another interesting thing was what Karl said. The models do have a little dark side to them. I can see it through the dark, sultry room. Perhaps Kris is trying to say that this new collection, though seeming to be understated, packs a huge punch. With that, I'm interested with what has in mind for the Fall season, because that's when I think he'll really show where he wants to lead the house of Dior Homme to.

Another question I raised after seeing this ad is that, will it sell? It's bare minimalism borders on boring and plain. It's safe. It's nothing new. But then again, Dior can afford a season with an appealling marketing stategy so Kris can get adjusted. Afterall, for the Spring 2008 season, Dior Homme decided to keep the Hedi Slimane cuts and skinny silhouettes. But I really do wonder where the house of Dior Homme will go comes the showcase in the upcoming month(s)...

Photo Credit: WWD.Com

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