Wednesday, December 12, 2007 = Make You Richer

Let's say you have $750USD and you need to buy a dress. Can you get a Zac Posen dress? Answer is yes. However, you have mutiple sources and most like will have the price you want and in your budget. Before you go looking for that bag you want or something with the big designers, I encourage you to look on first before going elsewhere. The stuff are real, it's just they do not inflate the price by over %40, which is what most sites do for profit. A prime example I found:

[ 1,049USD@ | 652.34USD@ ]

The dress are the same (Zac Posen) but difference prices! And the thing is, the price you purchase at is on sale. So even with a sale, still has the lower price. I'm sure there are numerous other examples. But yes, will save you money (if they have what you're looking for). So if you have $750, you can purchase the dress at, but not at eluxury. AND you'll have leftover money to buy some gum. Awesome.

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Tabitha said...

i like where your head's at.

ktlover said...

Hooray for parsimony!

Kira Fashion said...

i did a real post from Agyness Deyn yesterday and i put your link there!!!

thanks for all, pal!

a kiss

Goncho said...

I really love your blog
what's your name ?

Molly said...

Hi, is stuff from authentic?
I was not sure if they were real or not.
It would be nice if some one could let me know!
And has anyone actually purchased anything from their site?