Monday, December 10, 2007

Be You. By you, I mean Tom Ford

The Telegraph had an interesting article today, "How to dress for the party season without much effort." The writers at the Telegraph always have a good sense of humor that makes reading much more enjoyeable. But what Giles Hattersley, editor of Arena, said in the article is so true. I hate going to parties and seeing people clearly not comfortable in what they're wearing, or that they're under- or over- dressed.. I hate when it's obvious they're only dressing up that one night to impress or to score, or to whatever. But there are some safe tips in the article that prevents you from over- and under- dressing. Giles mention a cocktail/party jacket, cashmere sweater, and a good pair of shoes. Each one should be at least $200 because it's worth it. They will last you more than a year.

Fashion icon Tom Ford may be the gold standard for how chaps should do evening wear - he looks like he was born in a dinner jacket - but if you've never worn a bow tie, for God's sake don't start now. Likewise, if you're not normally suited and booted, don't suddenly elect to dust off that Paul Smith number you save for bar mitzvahs and funerals and strut into the party like some budget-issue Thomas Crowne. Your colleagues won't think you're suave; they'll think you're an attention-hungry ego-maniac and post your style shame on Facebook.


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