Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Impulsive Gucci

495USD | 395USD

I got these Gucci shoes today. Why? I don't know. They're pretty? Hah. But I was talking to my friend and he said the reason why I got them was impractical. But are they? They make me feel good. I won't deny that I'm a superficial person. But if something makes you happy, can you really put a price to it? To a certain degree I don't want to rationalize why I bought it because I feel like that would cheapen it. But Gucci shoes have a history to them, like Ferragamo shoes, which I also got a pair of this Christmas. They're dependable, good shoes. Sure they're $890 total, but I think it's worth the value.

Anyway, I like my shoes. I'm excited to get them. I hope they don't get lost in transit or my neighbors steal them before I get home from Christmas break.


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