Friday, December 14, 2007

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2008

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First off, I just want to say Sofi Berelidze looks like Irina Kulikova. I love that underrated models are given a chance at these pre-fall 2008 collections. I also love how there's a certain politics in how you present your collection. Image and branding is everything. I digress.

Vera Wang had a greek-influence for Spring 2008 collection and it seemed like some of it slipped through and she pushed it a little further with the drapping. There's something uneasy, but beautiful about these pieces. I love the contrast of the second dress between the silk and the jersey. I love the earth clay color and the creme silk glow of the base. I also like how she's able to drap, loosely, but the figures of the wearer is still intact and not lost in the clothes. I'm looking forward to her fall 2008 collection, too.

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