Friday, December 28, 2007

L.A. Style Watch

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I found this picture in and I loved it. A mother on a pastel purple bike, a House of Holland t-shirt, and royal blue shorts, which matches a piece of gear on her baby's bike-seat. I like this because she shows that being mom doesn't mean giving up personality. Her shirt says, "Cause me pain Hedi Slimane." Hedi Slimane was the designer of Dior Homme. Yes, House of Holland t-shirts are a season over, but her being able to wear a fun shirt like this and dress appropriately cute for a young mom makes her tres cute. Who said being a mom is stressful and ages you?

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MR style said...

well even tough house of holland's shirt was one of the must have from last year, i still think it's cute to wear one

Tabitha said...

that's going to be me one day...

i have never even heard of house of holland shirts. i'm embarrassed.