Wednesday, December 26, 2007

D&G Commercials

So I'm on a youtube kick but I also love these D&G homoerotic commercials. I love that D&G is so supportive of homo-erotica.

-D&G Commercial 1
that one is funny!
-D&G Commercial 2
the boys are cute
-D&G Commercial 3
-D&G Commercial 4
-D&G Commercial 5
-D&G Commercial 6
-D&G Commercial 7
-D&G Commercial 8
-D&G Commercial 9
One of my fav commercial of theirs so far.
-D&G Commercial 10

I love all the commercials where the people drop the watches in his or hers underwear.


Lynn & Horst said...

you're so right
i checked all their ads too
after seeing the new one
and my favorite is definigtely the one with two guys where the watch goes into the underwear...
really sexy, and cute guys...

paulieben said...

I enjoy/appreciate the homoerotic commercials. ;0]