Tuesday, December 25, 2007

HSM= high salary musical

Exactly how much does High School Musical pay? Well over 500gs per member last I heard. Supposedly Vanessa Hudgens(the one on the right, and notoriously known for leaking nude pictures online) will get paid over one million for the third installment of High School Musical. The one on the left is Ashley Tisdale, she's one of the co-actor in HSM but she also sings so she has an extra income.

What amazes me is their style or at least their accessories. The whole leggings thing is getting old to me. So is the cardigan. I'm never a fan of trends. I think they're great for producers in setting up a desire so girls like these could spend spend spend so revenue can go up up up. But yes, I could never catch myself following trends because I would hate to look like everyone else. One of the things that I keep in mind when I step out is how will I stand out. Will I inspire people to wear what I wear?

But Either way, how are girls younger than 20 or 20 something spending over $1000 on Chanel and Balenciaga bags? Ashley has a Chanel bag and Vanessa has a Balenciaga bag. Do they have a stylists or are younger girls are becoming more aware of brands? Chanel has been trying to revitalize their brand to target a younger audience and seeing how Ashley is waving it around along with Nicoel Richie and Lindsay Lohan as excessive followers, Chanel must be doing something right. In their most recent London show for Pre-fall, it clear that they are trying to target a younger audience. So when I saw this, I didn't exactly think it's cool that High School Musical cast members meet outside of the studio, but I find it interesting that this picture shows how younger individuals are becoming more aware of fashion, more fashion conscious. I think they bags play a big role in their wardrobe. Don't you agree?

Photo Source: perezhilton.com

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