Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missoni Pre-Fall 2008

[Photo credit: fashionweekdaily.com]

So it's clear the art world is having an influence in fashion lately. Well, at least more than ever. However, it seems like since 2004, the fashion industry seems to be struct in this minimalistic cubical structure that ends mid-thigh. At first, it was very plane, and then colors were added, and then floral patterns. What's next? I'm ready for the next wave.

I like what nicholas ghesquiere did for Balenciaga because it took it further and changed the shape but still made it modern, I lied, he made it futuristic. I'm pretty sure in fall you'll see people following.

I digress. I think what Missoni did for Pre-fall, perhaps it was the lighting or the model size but it just didn't have that wow factor for me. Would I rather spend over $2000USD on a Balenciaga jacket or a whole dress from Missoni. I would say Balenciaga.

As a stylist, I hate trends, I look for what's going to be trends. I do not like that designers clearly try to sell themselves instead of pushing the buttons or pushing the limits. Temperley played it safe and it's what I'm seeing with most designers for Pre-fall 2008 so far. I do like the gloves in the second picture, it's like Prada's Fall 2007 socks but for hands. ;0]

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holdmyhand said...

I'm rather fond of minimalist cubism.