Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More than fair, Flair

I found this editorial from Flair January 2005, shot by Patric Shaw and modeled by Dalia Dubrindyte. I love the set because it seems so liberating and calming. There's also drama to it, which I can relate to if I go away on vacation with a loved one. I guess the bottom line is that I could relate to the characters in their settings.

Did you notice her jaw-line? I love the pictures of her and the cigarettes. The clothes are also seemingly comfortable to wear. I kind of want them all. I like that the picture exude a carefree ambience. The clothes she wears are also androgynous, which is around the time when Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme made the style popular. I love the look of the suit on Dalia and I love the simplistic nature of a jeans and shirt in the picture she's looking at the records. Did I mention i love this set?

Source: Flair

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aggressivehubby said...

Dalia's ravishing, and I relish androgyny.