Sunday, December 9, 2007


Roaming on, I was looking for...I don't know what I was looking for. Ok, I was procrastinating but I saw this Anna Sui top and it popped out at me. I love the color and the lace. It's not new, it's nothing fancy but that saturated salmon color-adorables(that's supposed to be in french)! And best part? It's only $91.59 USD! And then I was looking some more and I saw the Balenciaga Giant Citya bag for Spring 2008. I love the white and metallic silver lining. Tres cute! The bag, unlike the shirt is a month's rent($1850.47USD), but who cares! It'll last you at least a year and goes with everything.

Click to buy: Anna Sui(91.59USD) | Balenciaga(1850.47USD)

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Tabitha said...

i'm a fan of the balenciaga. im happy they keep reinventing that bag, because if they don't, they're screwed.