Friday, December 14, 2007

Bill Blass Som

So Peter Som was asked to be Bill Blass designer this year and his first collection for Bill Blass was introduced a few days ago. Below are some of the looks Style has provided.

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This collection looks promising. It's clear that Peter Som is well aware of the Bill Blass Label. Bill Blass is known for conservative elegance. I have a Bill Blass Jacket that I love because it just so comfortable.

The looks aren't nothing new but they are executed so beautifully. I love the simplicity of the cut. Bill Blass was one of my favorite American designer. I think his style was more towards understated, but powerful elegance (for women), which is why the shape are somewhat intimidating but still very feminine. I love clean and this collection is clean. I'm looking forward to Peter Som pushing the brand as much as he can in creativity.

See the rest: Peter Som for Bill Blass Pre-Fall 2008

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Tabitha said...

honestly, peter som is like, the shit.