Wednesday, December 12, 2007

gReek pour Rachel Roy

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So if you've been paying attention to the Spring 2008 collection, ancient greek is definately in, toga-style, but a little bit more modern drapping (duh). Rachel Roy must have looked over people's shoulder and realized this in advance, she's a greek admirer, or she was just a pro- at trend prediction. Either way, I found this dress on (awesome site, i'll explain why in the next post). I like it because of the drapping. I always love some skin, especially the shoulders. I think it's so sexy. For my style, I would remove the other sleeve because it already has the shoulder drape going on and I think the dress covers the breasts so you dont' have to worry about wandering eyes or cold wind if you remove the sleeve. But the sleeve intact is just fine. Another good thing about the dress is that you'll be in style before the Spring 2008 collections are even out. Alberta ferretti, vera wang, Hermes, etc all had some greek-inspired clothes in their Spring 2008 collection. ANOTHER thing about this drses is that it's only $278.50USD, which is probably/most-likely cheaper than what you'll find at Hermes and other names I've mentioned.

If you want to buy it click here: Rachey Roy Layla One-Shoulder Dress (278.50USD)

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ingasibluap said...

I love Hellenism. ♥