Monday, December 10, 2007

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2008

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Feather is in. Carolina Herrera is such a classy lady. I love how her hair is always sleaked back; her waist is always pinched. Feather is being used more and more lately, a revival since the couture days. Chanel used to be the only house known to keep a feather specialist alive and around, but with recent seasons, feather are coming back. They're not just for your fedoras anymore. I love the structure and sculpture of her skirts and how they look so starched. I can do without the caccoon coats, but they're still chic. If I had an extra thousand or seven to throw around, I would get one.

But if I had to buy one thing, it would be that white shirt on the far right of the first picture. I like how she's able to reference a tie and bind it to the shirt. I like the synthesis.

Collection: Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2008


Tabitha said...

feathers. i'm on it. thanks!

fantasia_celie said...

I admire the central dresses in the second set. =]