Tuesday, December 18, 2007


[ 405euro | 395euro]

Would you pay over 375euro for an article that looks dirty or worn? This reminds me of how artists over centuries evolved from how a painting's worth is through its quality like structure of the body, the realistic characteristics like Renaissance arts and sculpture to the concepts that's put into a painting like Rothko's Untitleds and other abstract expressionists. Yohji is more of the latter. You're basically paying for the idea of the work, what it stands for, how it makes you feel, not the objective beauty of it (not saying that there isn't any). I wouldn't spend that much because I don't have that much money to spend on shirts; however, he does have this pair of pants that I like and would actually think about investing in:

[ 502euro ]

Pic Credit: Luisavuiarina.com

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MR style said...

just so beautifull ! very galliano ! wanna get dirty