Thursday, December 6, 2007

Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2008

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Those five are by far my favorite out of the 21 piece collection. It amazes me that Zac Posen is able to produce collections after collections that make it seem as though it's something that you already have but still want because it's improved. The structure is so chic and clean. I love the high waiste skirt, the colors popping out like that orchid like floral collar from the jacket, or the purple pumps. The second girl's dress reminded me of Prada's Spring 2008 because of the rounded lava-lamp-blotches that comes out at the neck. Though Miuccia didn't have an arrange of the rounded shapes; she only used it once instead of a ring of them, that circular rounded elongated shape was enough to remind me of Prada's sprnig 2008 collection.

Pink seems to be the new color for pre-fall and probably winter/fall collection because so far, Dolce & Gabbana used the color and now Zac. I like the pink silk and the bows that he made for these dresses. The structure bows remind me of Galliano's work but still, i like the ostentacious look and placement of it. I think the third girl would look so much better if that fur shawl was not there and just the dress.

That last dress out of the five! I love the structure. I love the sleeves and the shoulder volume. It's not too big and intimidating like Maison Martin Margiela's infamous shoulders. I also like that it's a structured dress and the lines itself further accentuates geometric construction. However, the fit on the body and the curve and holding of the breasts contrast that structure and brings the dress to a more personable dress. Normally, form over function, or function over form but I think this dress has a good balance.

I'm excited for his fall '08 collection. His Spring 2008 collection was also very dreamy. I can see why the nyc women drool over his collections.

Collection: Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2008


Kira Fashion said...

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zac posen is so cool and fashion!
i really like it!
please add me to FF
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Tabitha said...

i love zac posen's cuts.

pbenz said...

I'm particularly fond of the fifth outfit.