Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spring to Italian Vogue ASAP

Italian Vogue's coverage of Spring(though some are resort) is phenominal! Shot by Steven Meisel, Maryna Linchuk, Meghan Collison, Hanne-Gaby Odiele, Lara Stone, and Kinga Rajzak swim in a sea of patterns. The results are color popping, bright colors, i-spy model galore! American Vogue, pay attention por favor. I love it when there's a synthesis of fashion and art, though fashion is art. I guess I love the integration of art variations! I love how they mesh the prints with the tattoos and their surrounding. It's almost biomorphic referencing but it's very modern (because of the tattoos).

[ Dior ]
*I LOVE this Dior dress. The color screams Valentino, the print screams Cavalli, but the fluidity and the subtle loudness screams Galliano. Walk anywhere with this and you're guaranteed to stand out.

[ Blumarine ]
*When I think of Blumarine, for some reason I think of structure and aquatic thoughts, the latter coming first. The sunflower prints alludes to fall but the gold makes it so now. It's like a subtle Hermes scraf made into a very fluid dress. I also get a sense of a middle-eastern to asian influence. I like it because there's a classy feel to it.

[ Oscar de la Renta | Fendi ]
*Oscar de la Renta and Fendi(karl) can never do wrong. Well...that's debatable. But when it comes to these two dresses, it's simple and wearable, and sexy. I love how the porcelain skin is making a come back. The alabaster skin tone is such a great canvas for these prints and these colors.

[ Gucci | Versace | John Galliano ]
*I love the Gucci clay yellow with the dark coral. It gives it this ease and calmness that earth tone/muted colors give. Versace, also alluring especially with the gold variations swimming about in that dress. John Galliano, the frills and thrills that makes his dresses so desirable. It's dream-like. Galliano did say, "reality is overrated."

[ Ermanno Scervino | Yves Saint Laurent | Prada ]
*I adore the paint splatter, flower-inducing colors against the white backdrop of the dress. The rose red with sky, chalky blue. Pilati is definitely not leaving YSL anytime soon that's for sure. Prada? The dress, colors, and prints speaks for itself.


[ Jean Paul Gaultier | Valentino ]
*I love that plum color patterns on Gaultier's dress. It's like paisley, but not. More towards middle-eastern prints. Could it be because there's a huge clientèle developing there? Possibly. Valentino; bright and bold. One of his last pieces. He basically left with a bang, in more than one way.

[ Dolce & Gabbana | Ralph Lauren ]
*Dolce & Gabbana chic flower child is walking about in the street and doesn't mind dropping $1000USD+ for an afternoon stroll-dress. Ralph Lauren, bold, loud, ostentatious, flamboyant, and alive? The epitome of American glamor: unafraid and in your face.

[ Gianfranco Ferre ]

[Photo Credit: Vogue Italia]


MR style said...

so so so vogue ! j'adore !!

underneath said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures - I`m running for it right this minute. A great inspiration as I am doing research for my spring/summer collection!

Tabitha said...

prints = so hot right now. i really like how the model camouflages into the background. so clever.

MR style said...

i forgot to say that there's a reference to painter gustav klimt here no ?

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

i am crazy about meghan collision

Tabitha said...

i definitely see the klimt reference - good call.

L'Henri said...

yeah there def is. especially his gardens...balenciaga i say would reference it the most for me, and oscar de la renta's pre-fall