Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tom Ford (on Luxury), an analysis

"Luxury has gone from hard to find to hard to miss. To be blunt, we make too much stuff."

-Tom Ford

I think that's true about too much stuff: Globalization, more exposure to opportunities, more resources to make your own opportunities, etc encourages "over" production. Also, communication methods like the internet and phone has made information available overnight so everyone like big department stores could mimic top designers and release the clothes when the season comes around. It's also all about the bottom line, the idea to make more to compete. It's like when the Prada Group came and took over Jil Sanders and wanted her to use less expensive material and give in to the standard sizes. Everything is made with the idea that people have access to it. Speed is the key to success in the present fashion industry.

Just pure saturation in the fashion industry and very few (designers) are still honorable to the code of luxury and exclusivity of high-end fashion. This is why Tom Ford went back to tailoring and individualization instead of mass market production.

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Tabitha said...

tom ford is right. so what do we do? ahhh