Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another Green Christmas

So this Christmas my parents got me an American Express Gift Card for $1000 and two pairs of shoes, one being Salvatore Ferragamo loafers and the other Cole Haan Moccasins. My dad also got me zoom lenses for my new camera. So the total was around $2000 worth. I was wondering how did within two years, my Christmas present escalated to such heights.

My parents are the type that just gives when you ask so when Christmas comes, we never really exchanged gifts or hand out presents to one another. This year was different. Was it because my mother acknowledged that I have an interest in fashion? Does the finance for living became inflated or have I just been a really good boy? The latter is doubtful. But either way, I got what I got. I can't complain. How much money does one gift to another and what is the scale of the giving? If you make less than 100gs a year, how much do you give a friend, a family? If you make more, how much more do you give? And vice versa, how much do you give someone when money is an issue and how much do you spend on someone who has bottomless income? Do you give more for someone who is fashionista opposed to someone who could really careless about what they wear? What do you get a fashionista? These were pretty much the questions that ran through my head this Christmas season.

Luckily, most of my friends this year opted out to not spend towards each other and just spend on each other so we could look great for each other. Or we could just go out to dinner and enjoy each other and not worry about the bill. As a safe bet, this year I just bought about 9 bottles of Krug Vintage Brut for safe keeping and gave it out to whom I saw would enjoy it. I though an extremely good champagne was never out of the question to give to someone, unless they're an alcoholic. And for the price, over $150 a bottle, I don't feel guilty for spending too little or too much on someone. The people I've given out to didn't seem to mind. And besides, I thought that with the New Years always around the corner, it doesn't hurt to help prepare people for the New years with a good bottle of champagne.

But I must say, I'm glad I didn't agree to exchange gifts with my friends this year because I would've felt guilty. I can't even imagine shopping myself. I even have difficulty shopping for myself since I'm so picky about everything. I even feel guilty about my parents spending as much as they did on me in one event because they thought that this was me, which kindna is. So I'm sure you're asking what did I end up spending with my American Express Giftcard? Two pairs of Dior Homme jeans.

Slim Processed(680.37USD) | Crash Black Straight(325.23USD)

Tell me what you got from Santa Claus and your thought process on getting gifts for the loved ones! Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: Diabro.net

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MR style said...

wow great pants !! that's a cool present for christmas !!!