Saturday, December 22, 2007

Style Watch: Katie Holmes

Does money help you look more amazing? I think so. Katie Holmes, homegirl from Dawson's Creek with a crooked smile became pretty woman and a huge MILF in the I-like-how-she-dresses from a fashionista's point of view. I LOVE how her pants fit on her! This is how pants should always fit. It clearly looks tailored, and if it's not I've heard her body is classic so clothes just molds to her, which makes me extremely jealous. I love that she pairs a white jacket with a low v-neck top with a classic necklace. If you hear anyone out with a white jacket paired with a drop-neck top and a necklace, you don't necessary hear style or something worth mentioning, but Katies does the opposite. She has that simplistic style that's also classy. Katie Holmes has become a style icon unlike her friend Victoria and her predictable style. Katie's style ranges and has so much versatility. Look at how she dresses Suri. That little girl has a merlot silk top, charcoal skirt to match with her mom's dress, black tights, and silver shoes. Silver is totally in and so is that merlot red (thanks to Lanvin).

The Birkin bag! The matching blood shoes! The skirt and semi-loose top! The glasses! She just screams chic. I love how she looks so tall and the proportion of the bag just further accentuate her slimness and her height. This is why Balenciaga oversized bags and big bags like this Birkin is so big with the chic skinny and/or tall women. Also notice how her skirt flaps opens, accentuating her little hips. I'm obsessed with Katie Holmes, or her stylist.

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Lynn & Horst said...

the last outfit really tops it all! perfect in black, white and red!

MR style said...

couldn't agree more with u ! when u have money, u can have some style !! but i dont think u should be obssesed with katie holmes, she has a stylist !!

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