Monday, December 3, 2007

Kent & Curwen

So I was on the Kent & Curwen website and i realized that Ryan Taylor is their model for their Fall/Winter '07 ad. He's dreamy. So are the clothes.

[Photo Credit: Kent&]

I want that toggled duffle coat. It's only 320 euros, which means it'll have to be a christmas present to myself. I like that it's slim fitting. It's hard to find a jacket like that without spending $1000+(Dior Homme).

I was also looking for that other jacket with what seems to be a brass buttons but they didn't have it. They had pictures of it but not the price. I'm assuming it's sold out? Here's some more pictures of the m.i.a. jacket:

It's called CAPTAINS COAT. That name just makes me want it even more. Look at the sleeves! The slim fit!

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