Friday, December 7, 2007

Chanel "Paris - Londres" Fashion Show

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The Chanel Paris-London fashion show was yesterday. It was the first time Chanel has shown a show in London. karl is going crazy. First Fendi with great wall then Chanel resort in L.A. Next Chanel couture will be models floating down the Appolo Chanel in space. The london show was live online and the angle that it was shown didn't give much details to the clothes but I was able to find some photos today. I love this collection. It's so young! The colors, the shape. It's definately London-Chic.

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*I LOVE all of the pieces in here, except for the third one starting from the left. The second to last shirt that Freja is wearing reminds me of the YSL stars top Pilati did for YSL Spring 2008. I love the eyes and the chain purse, the colors are muddy London colors and the mid-thigh height of all the pieces are also darling. There's something punk to this collection, which is fitting for London. The purple look stood our to be the most because I love how it's dome-like. I"ll try to find more looks from the show.

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* I love Irina Lazareanu; she's always on the arms of Karl. (She's the one sitting on the left of Kylie Minogue in this picture and to the left of Karl on the first picture. I also included the girl with the red and white strip outwear because I love runway pieces out and about. It looks so good on her. And Tom Ford with his man. His lover is actually attractive and cute if you stare long enough.

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assessoriasergioguerra said...


Amazing post you got here!!!!
I am obsessed by Kate, i am obsessed by great fashion clothes!! It´s one of my passions in life!!
I observe that people in fashion chance a lot...every season there is something who are most in vogue and with most style clothes...Kate moss it´s an icon and never goes out of fashion! Because of it, i really enjoy her clothes and style!

many kisses, thanks a lot for passing!!!

Goncho said...

I loved your blog
the clothes are amazing
thanks about you had written

MR style said...

hey the woman wearin the red and white stripes coats is natalia vodianova !! very famous model who is still with calvin klein and l'oréal

Tabitha said...

haha let's photoshop ourselves in these pictures... we have the look, might as well flaunt it ;)