Friday, December 7, 2007

Nuovo Valentino, Pre-Fall 2008

So after Spring 2008 and I think he has one more couture show to go, Valentino has retired. This is the pre-fall collection, which means it is sans Valentino and in comes Alessandra Faccinetti. I think she looks just like Frida Gianni, the Gucci designer and that's so amusing to me.I think they should have a tan-off. I digress. Alessandra Faccinetti was a Gucci Designer until she got booted. But if Valentino thought she was [well?] qualify then I trust his judgment. What else can I do?

There's an obvious difference in the collection. First off, there's no red dress! However, the shoulders, the cream colors, the sleeves! They're so fresh. There's still that silk and body conscious elegance that's Valentino, but it's obvious she modernized Valentino, or in the process of. Even though there's the Victorian sleeves, the balloon sleeves are fresh.

I love the female suits and the broad shoulders. I think it's to show that Alessandra is not messing around. Strong women coming in and do not take her lightly. I think that's what she's trying to say with these pieces. I also love the black highlights; how they pierce through either the jacket or the base of the scarfs or blouse. The women looks chic, which is what Valentino epitomizes.

*i love that last look with the square shoulders. It's so minimalistic but at the base, the sharp flatness can actually be viewed as lapels. I like how it folds and then the black silk skirt contrasting it underneath. I also love the black palet with the silver shoes. The silver shoes add just a good finish to the whole look because it pops out, accentuating both the shoes and the look.

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Overall I'm excited to see the fall collection and what Alessandra is going to wow people with. This pre-fall collection is promising. The love the dresses. The first two on the last row screams elegance. I like the fluidity. I love the sharp drop down to the open of the first one. The proportions are well defined and it elongates the body. I still like what she does with the sleeves, as especially the third dress in and how she sectionalized the arm. The brooch can be a little higher, but it being there accentuates on the women she's trying to market to, women with $$$. The final dress with the jacket I thought was interesting that it referenced Chanel with the tweed, but the cut and the proportion of how it opens at the waist maintains the Valentino appeal. It's clear Alessandra studied and taking this position seriously. And it's also clear she's able to balance between her taste and that of the Valentino house. What I'm more excited about is what she's going to do with couture. Keep a look-out for Alessandra!

Collection: Valentino Pre-Fall 2008


MR style said...

even tough i think all the beige stuffs are really cute and totally modern, valentino is becomin from my point of view really boring, a bit like armani
each season, there's no surprises ! in this case there's no red valentino dress ! thank god ! don't u think so ?

L'Henri said...

well armani for spring 2008, i thought, was really great how he draped the skirts.

but yeah, valentino is limited on the surprises, but i think that's one of the reason why he's a favorite - he's dependable. but, alessandra looks like she'll be shaking the house up a bit. i'm looking forward to fall.

L'Henri's Beau said...

Ooooh...I love the fact that the garments exude feminine strength.

MR style said...

well i hope alessandra's gonna do somethin cause the valentino history and style is really interestin
i'm sure when he'll die, its gonna be the italian chanel !! for sure !