Friday, January 4, 2008

Brand Watch: Slow and Steady Wings the Race

[Photo Credit: Slow and Steady Wins the Race]

I stumbled to this website and it's "different" to navigate, but I like what I found. It's very eccentric and some of the stuff are cute. The concept of the site is to question high fashion and in a way integrat and synthesize what's out there. The brand mixes bags like Chanel and Balenciaga together; or characteristic of A Hermes Birkin with a Dior Gaucho bag. But my favorite at the sunglasses and the bag I listed. It's modern minimalism. Is that redundant? I like the simplistic construction and color of the bag and the glasses are geometric but still wearable. The prices are also within range, which I like. The bags are no more than $200, or at least the bags available on the site were no more than $200.

Left is the Chanel and Balenciaga synthesis. And the Right is the Hermes Birkin and Dior Gaucho mutt.

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hopelessly_fallen said...

Ooooh...I enjoy the hybridization!