Friday, January 4, 2008

Obsession of the day: Dior Homme Jeans

[Photo Credit: Luisa Via Roma]

So I'm craving these two jeans today. I like the looseness of the first one. It's Dsquare2-like but I like the material of this one better. I like the whisker and fit on the second one. I like DH's Jeans because it fits well at the waist. It's not tight, it just sit perfectly. The one on the left is 122euro and the one on the right is 222euro (they're currently on sale).

But I'm trying to save to live in New York after I graduate so maybe I shouldn't. I don't know! I have so many things I want on my list this year. But this definitely is one of my first interest of the year so far.


closeted_hustler said...

Will you love me if I purchase a pair for you? ;p

I certainly admire the pants.

MR style said...

u should buy the first one henry !!! it's so wonderfull !! unfortunately i'm lost in tahiti so cant have one but u'r lucky enough ! so buy it !