Thursday, January 3, 2008

Britney Lunchbox & Confidence

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Britney Spears went to her court appointment today carrying an oversized lunchbox. What could be in it? Her mac make-up kit for bathroom emergencies? Or is it her briefcase? Or maybe it's her wallet? Or maybe it's her coin collection to show the judge that she keeps all her coins in that thing to prevent her children from swallowing coins? Or maybe she brought her dog along for moral support? The possibilities!

The odd thing? Britney is able to pull it off in some weird way. Or maybe I just overlook that because she's wearing Louboutin heels with a magenta dress.

Back story to all this is that she had a trial date today which was long overdue because she missed it several times before. She was two hours late to this one and the lawyers were only able to ask her questions for 14 minutes.

What I'm curious is how the judge judged her on her looks. Did he look down on her because she didn't dress conservatively? Does this style of plunging neckline, messy hair showed that she has a lack of respect for the court in conjunction with her two hour lateness?


Does she receive some points for being herself? Does she come off more honest and real for daring to come into the court room like she rolled off of bed and was heading for a Starbucks run on any given day?

I think it depends on the viewer. Clearly it doesn't matter what Britney thinks (or does not think). What matters is how the judge and the people of the court perceived her?

For me? From a social and psychological perspective where I tend to analyze things to rationalize behavior, I think what she wore to the court today was smart. What today's trial was about was Federline's lawyers grilling Spears. She came in rough-looking, which is natural for her. I think this shows that though she is afraid, based on her last excuse for missing a trial being a panic attack, she is still willing to answer whatever is needed and as honest as she can. It's evident Britney does what she wants and when she wants it and she has no reason to give up any part of herself or compromise who she is to lawyers. I mean the trial is requesting the mother to give up her baby so I think her being raw (physically, and I'm sure emotionally and mentally) shows that she's pissed with a I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck attitude.

But then that's just me. Does style really says that much about a person or all this time my analysis of people been unwarranted.

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