Friday, January 4, 2008

La Vie En [dark] Rose

Maid Marion was first known for her role in Big Fish; she was the pregnant French girl. But with her recent success in La Vie En Rose, spotlights were on her again. In these pictures she just has one look. I hate that. Her lips are always closed and she has that really subtle smile in each one. I know she's an actor, so can't she act like a model? Just kidding. But, I think these pictures shows a woman that is humbling. She's not used in dressing like this. If she is, she sure could fool me. She may be insecure with herself and her look, which is why we never see the right side of her face. There's also an awkwardness to her smile. It's as though I could feel the photographer trying to her to desired movements and he snaps just as she gives it to him, but she doesn't understand why.

I guess this is why she was able to play Edith Piaf so well. Edith Piaf was that meek French girl with a different, but amazing voice. I can see why not only her look, but her personality seems to eminate Edith Piaf. It's cute because she doesn't seem immortal with her head inflated. I also like how these pictures are dark and the ruffles gives that feeling of a flower, which is why in the titled I played on the title. I love that bottom left dress.

Where to get the Clothes: Nina Ricci(top left), Christian Lacroix(top right), Giorgio Armani(bottom left)
Photographer: Raymond Meier
Source/Read Article: New York Times


vietnameselover said...

This film enraptures me -- Marion's received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Edith Pilaf. ♥

MR style said...

she's real ! that's what i love about her photographs, she just dont pretend or this and that ! that is just her !