Monday, January 7, 2008

Traditional to

I was on the Telegraph fashion page and this video was on the main page. Hilary Alexander is one of the top editors the fashion industry because she writes for the Telegraph, a known paper in England. She's always in the front row. So I suppose with her boundless knowledge of fashion and style, notice how her hair looks like an Anna Wintour gone flat, she's supposed to transform this traditional japanese housewife into the modern chich woman.

What exactly in the modern chic woman to Hilary Alexander, someone in Roberto Cavalli Prints or Temperley-like dress to accentuate the legs, lots of sultry make-up and va-va-voom hair.

First, I love how they pulled the woman out of bed, probably at 5 a.m. to get that lack of make-up look and ask her to put on her kimono. Honestly! First, I love her side bangs and she should have just leaved it at that, give her a trim, put on make-up with less lip-gloss and more peach color to the lip and put her in flare dark pants, a tshirt, a fitted jacket and she's satorial.

I hate it when people like Hilary impose trends on normal citizen and making them loose a sense of self. There's a difference between being yourself and trendy than just the product of a trend bulimia. Honestly, the woman afterwards looks like a unrespestable M.I.L.F. (mom I like to f***). She looks trashy, not classy. To turn a traditional woman in a kimono to a woman that seems to belittle herself to attract men is a little degrading for me. I love the clothes, don't get me wrong. Especially the Chanel gold necklace, but it's just not this woman that's undergoing the transformation.


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